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*This post is sponsored by Portable North Pole (PNP); however, all opinions, experiences and thoughts shared in this post are my own.*

PNP Santa and His Elves are Hard at Work

Santa and His Elves are Hard at Work Making Toys for Little Ones Around the World

Christmas is right around the corner! Yes, it’s fast approaching and children everywhere are excitedly anticipating what might be left under the tree this year. Sharing the Christmas magic is one of my favorite parts of the year! And, yes, I encourage my child to believe in Santa because, to me, Santa isn’t just some non-existent character. Instead, he’s the embodiment of humanity — a person that works tirelessly to provide for his children. A person that gives selflessly, without the expectation of receiving anything at all in return. A person with a kind and gentle heart that is also a positive role model for our children. Above all, Santa is a person that more of us should strive to be like; imaginary or not.

This year, I partnered with Portable North Pole to create a video from Santa for my child to help bring a little bit more of that Christmas magic into my son’s life and into our home. If your children believe in Santa Claus, then you can take advantage of this opportunity, too! I’m going to show you the entire process and just how easy it is to create a magical video for your children from Santa, himself!

PNP Excited Elves

Portable North Pole Offers a FREE Custom Video from Santa to Your Child

Even the elves are excited! Why? Because it’s never been easier to create a magical video that ignites the wonder and excitement of Santa Claus! Oh, he’s busy at work and before long, he’ll be slipping presents under the tree! Share that excitement with your children with one of the many customized video options available from (PNP).

Yes, parents, Santa has a special gift for you, too! A FREE video! And it’s not just any rinky-dink, run of the mill video either. The videos created on PNP’s site are actually quite impressive! As a skeptic of anything that’s customized, yet completed in minutes, I have to admit that I was very impressed with the result of the video that I made. My son has yet to see it, but he will definitely be excited once he does! Below, you can watch a preview of the 2014 Holiday Classic Trailer to give you an idea of what you can create for your little ones!

How to Make a Customized Santa Video for Your Child on Portable North Pole

As I mentioned above, you can make a customized video for your child with ease. Videos can be created online from your computer or using the PNP mobile app, so just about anyone with online access has the ability to do this. The site makes it very easy and provides you with a wide array of customization options. Please note: There are paid options for videos as well, none of which I find overpriced in the least bit for the quality that you receive. Paid options range from $3.99 to $9.99, with the higher price offering unlimited capability. It’s really quite a steal in my opinion!

PNP Free and Paid OptionsPortable North Pole DashboardPortable North Pole Creation Scenario

As you can see, the site also offers phone calls from Santa – and there are sooo many that you can choose from! I’ve listened to a few of them already because my son will definitely be getting a few phone calls as well! Anyway, you can see the free option and paid options in the first image above. As I previously mentioned, even the paid options are quite affordable. The three Portable North Pole options available this year are: the free video, the premium video, and the Holiday Pass. Let me go into more depth with these so you know exactly what they are in case the image doesn’t show up or isn’t large enough for you to read:

  • Free video: This option is available online and as a downloadable app (last year the charge was $3.99, but this year it’s free).
  • Premium ($4): This gives you a much more personalized option than the free version, plus it’s longer and there are three storylines vs. one in the free version. It’s great for families with more than one child (you can do different storylines for each child) and it offers unlimited mobile viewing.
  • Holiday Pass ($9.99): With this option, you can create an unlimited number of premium videos and calls from Santa. It’s perfect for families with more than one child and definitely the best value option (unlimited downloads are included).

You can control everything from your dashboard and because you can sign up via email or using Facebook, it’s pretty easy to log in to manage everything. Your dashboard on the mobile app will look similar to what you see in the middle picture above. Of course, the third picture above is where all of the magic happens!

Did You Make Santa's Nice List

From this “create video” area, you can choose your Santa video scenario, the verdict (if your child is nice, almost nice or naughty) and you can add your child’s name, age, additional information and pictures to create your child’s customized video. It took me about 10 minutes to create my video and that’s because I had a hard time choosing the images that I wanted to include. In all honesty, it’s entirely possible to complete these tasks in as little as 3 minutes if you already have images in mind (a recent picture of your child, a recent birthday picture, a recent family picture, a picture of your home and a picture of the toy or gift your child wants).

The options available are really pretty cool! Be sure to check out Santa’s Village and definitely don’t miss the opportunity to see the Verdict Machine in action, which is run by a pedaling elf! (HILARIOUS!) You’ll likely also enjoy the beautiful ice sculptures, peeking into Santa’s workshop and the reindeer stables – – how would Santa deliver all those presents without those energetic reindeer???

PNP Video is Ready

Once you’ve completed the information and sent it through to the “elves” to work on, it takes a couple of minutes for the video to be created. Once it is finished being created, you can watch it prior to “saving” it. Once you save it, that’s what you have, so be sure to view it before you save it to make sure that your video is the way you want it to be. Once saved, you have 90 days and FIVE (5) download attempts within those 90 days to save it to your computer or mobile device. The instructions for saving your video are provided for you, as you can see in the image above. They are clearly defined for each browser, so be sure to follow the instructions to the “T” to ensure that your download attempt is successful.

Portable North Pole Gives Back

One of the things I love most about PNP is that they give back. As most of you know, I have a stepdaughter with spina bifida. At 18 years old, she’s been through more than 30 surgeries and will likely undergo several more throughout her adult life. Without the experienced and caring staff, extensive research and funding available through the children’s hospitals entrusted with her care, the progress she’s been able to make over the years would not have been possible.

Portable North Pole donates 5% of all web sales to children’s hospitals in the region of the purchaser. Last year, they pledged $75,000 and this year that number is expected to grow. This year, Portable North Pole expects to reach 100 million personalized messages viewed since their concept was launched in 2008. Imagine the funds that this could generate for children’s hospitals this year and in the years to come! It warms my heart to know that creating something that will bring joy to my children will also help to bring another family hope, another child opportunities that didn’t exist before, and children’s hospitals the funds that they can use to keep working miracles.

Keep Up to Date with Portable North Pole — and Save a Little Cash!

Right now, you can save 20% off  your purchase of the Premium Video or Holiday Pass! This is good for web or mobile users. Just use Promo Code: BLG20BKP to take advantage of the savings.

Be sure to follow Portable North Pole socially to keep up to date with all of the newest holiday happenings throughout the year! Here’s where you can find them:




Did you or will you be creating a video for your child? Let us know what kind of video you created in the comments below!

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