Looking Natural Without the Hassle or Expense

As a busy mom, you know it isn’t always easy to fit in a beauty routine each day, and it’s important to know that you don’t have to do a lot to look beautiful. Instead of stocking your cabinets with makeup that you’ll rarely wear, find a few great products that can help with a natural look and don’t take a lot of time to deal with.

Beauty isn’t about makeup. It’s about a fresh and healthy look. That starts with how you take care of cleaning.

Washing Your Face

Don’t neglect your face (and don’t forget to wash behind your ears). The foods you eat each day can add to the grease and dirt on your face, so it is important to wash every night. It includes washing your face in the morning after tossing and turning, and possibly sweating, at night. Just using plain old water isn’t enough. You need to use a nice natural cleanser. Look for natural ingredients and ones you can pronounce.

If you suffer from dry skin you may also want to use a light facial moisturizer too that will help fight dryness. If you have oily or combination skin use a toner. You can make a toner at home with some witch hazel and other ingredients, depending on your needs. Add a little lemon juice if you suffer from redness or age spots. Add some lavender oil just for a fresh feel.

Weekly Treatments

Take a little extra time out of your busy schedule of softball games and cleaning up toys to do something special for yourself, like a homemade facial. A relaxing facial that will help your skin heal and moisturize it too can be find right in your pantry. Mix some oatmeal in just enough water to moisten it and add a spoonful of honey. Put it on your face and let it sit for 5 or ten minutes, then wash it off.

This is just one of the many facials you can make right out of your own fridge or kitchen cupboards.

Other Issues

Some facial issues can easily be fixes with natural products. Whether you suffer from age spots, wrinkles or acne, you can find something to help make your skin look great again. Lemon juice helps with dark spots. Tea tree oil helps with acne. Olive oil and coconut oil can help with wrinkles.

If you have visible skin tags, look for skin tag removal products that are safe and natural to use on your face. Look for natural ingredients so you know the product is safe.

Your skin shouldn’t suffer just because you have kids, and neither should your beauty routine. Instead of a complete makeup routine, simply use a BB or CC cream instead of foundations and maybe a little eyeliner and eye shadow. Make sure that you clean your makeup off at night before bed also so you don’t cause more facial issues that you need to take care of. Makeup can clog pores and cause acne.


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