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The majority of us complain fairly regularly about not getting enough sleep — and for good reason! If you’re not aware of the benefits of sleep, then you definitely need to familiarize yourself. Sleep is critical for vital functions that help keep our body going, such as our immune system. It also helps keep us on top of our game because a good night’s sleep really aids our memory.

Most of you probably don’t realize it, but I have a really difficult time sleeping. When I do sleep, I wake up multiple times throughout the night to reposition myself, use the bathroom or get something to drink. I wake up feeling like I barely slept at all. My day will drag on and on, seemingly lasting forever. I find myself rubbing my eyes at 3pm and wondering if I’ll actually be able to get some sleep or not.

America – Insomnia Nation America - Insomnia NationAmerica - Insomnia Nation PDF

It comes as no surprise to me that nearly 4 million Americans suffer from insomnia. But what really surprised me was that the most common symptom of insomnia is the inability to stay asleep, NOT difficulty falling asleep. I never considered myself an insomniac until I read that. 

Did you know that although 62% of Americans regularly experience the symptoms of insomnia, only 20% believe that they actually have the condition? Even less — a mere 12% — have actually been diagnosed by a doctor! The most disappointing part is that 72% of Americans are missing out on nearly three weeks of sleep per year! That’s a lot!!!

Want to learn more about the importance of getting a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep? Be sure to check out the infographic above and don’t forget to visit for tips and tricks to get a better night’s sleep!

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