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Make It Easy for Kids to Make Their Bed with Zipit Bedding!

Parents, when was the last time your kiddo made their bed without you having to tell them to? Mine NEVER makes his bed. Ever. In his defense, he’s only 6, but I think that’s a good time to start giving him responsibilities like making his bed. Don’t you?

The problem for little ones is that making the bed can be rough when your arms don’t reach all the way across. It’s even harder when you have to get onto your bed and then try to move bedding around. Imagine the hassle a little one has to deal with! For older kids, it’s more a matter of distraction, or even time. But that’s all a thing of the past now that we’ve been introduced to Zipit Bedding!

What in the World is Zipit Bedding?

You know how most bedding requires you to put on a bottom sheet, top sheet and then a comforter? Well, with Zipit, it’s all built in! Just stretch the fitted portion around the mattress and the bed is pretty much ready to sleep in. You just unzip it to get in.

Don’t like the covers moving around? Zip yourself in and stay warm, cozy and snug as a bug in a rug! When you wake up and get out of bed, simply zip it up and BAM! your bed is made. Easy!

My son wanted to show you all just how easy it was to make his bed with Zipit Bedding, so be sure to check him out. I think he was a little shy at first, but definitely excited!

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My son fell in love with this bedding. He thinks it’s super-cool that all he has to do is zip it up to make his bed. The problem? Now he’s not as fond of his other bedding. Seriously though, Zipit Bedding is the perfect gift for kids ages 3+ or even teens who dislike making their bed. It comes in stylish, reversible styles for both girls and boys, AND it glows in the dark, too! Pretty cool, right?

Although it fits standard beds, Zipit Bedding is also great for traveling and taking to sleepaway camps because it’s so easy for kids to use. It will fit hard-to-make bunk beds, trundle beds, air mattresses and more! It’s also available in two sizes: Twin (SRP: $59.99) or Full/Queen (SRP: $79.99 & currently only available online). Because Zipit Bedding is machine washable, moms will love it! Plus, if you get sick of looking at one pattern, you can reverse it!

Check it out with your kids and definitely keep it in mind as a great option for holiday gifting!

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Want a chance to win a set of Zipit Bedding?

Our sponsors at Zipit Bedding have generously agreed to provide one lucky reader with a set of Zipit Bedding! Head on over to our Zipit Bedding Giveaway page to enter for your chance!

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  1. James Robert says:

    My kids always have an excuse as to why they couldn’t make their beds, no excuses with this

  2. amy guillaume linderman says:

    i love that it is reversible! my kids like to change things up!

  3. Laura Kamin says:

    It makes it fun for kids, and the beds will always look perfect! Creates a good habit!!!

  4. These are great! I think they’d make bed making on the top bunks easier! And we’d avoid the sheet popping off situation!

  5. My favorite feature is that they just get in and zip up! I love that it would help keep him covered at night. He tends to kick off his covers, then he gets so cold. I feel like I get up so many times at night to check on him and cover him back up. He would love this!

  6. Sharon Lancaster says:

    Would make a great Christmas present for my grandsons… Love how easy it is to use???

  7. Oh I would give this to our little Carter! He would love the Extreme Sports!

  8. These are great!! The designs are awesome! My son would love them

  9. Christina Wagner says:

    I love the fact that it’s like a sleeping bag. My boys love using their sleeping bags, but when they use them on their beds they end up sliding all over the place.

  10. Stephanie Coldwell says:

    I love that they’re reversible and that the colors and styles won’t be outgrown!

  11. Cassandra C says:

    I love the side pocket for kids to keep their stuff. I find all sorts of things in my kids beds. Now with the little pouch on the side its easy access for them to put their stuff away.

  12. Zipit bedding sounds like a very great company and the quality as explained in the review looks nice and high-quality. Well worth checking into.

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