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As parents, we do everything we can to make sure our children are taken care of. Although we do our best to plan for everything we possibly can, there are some things we just can’t plan for. With hectic schedules during the school year, receiving reliable care and getting accurate results means less worrying and less stress.

I think most of us are probably pretty familiar with the old TB test. The test requires an injection just under the surface of the skin on the forearm. It leaves a small wheal (circular elevation of the skin) behind, which usually absorbs into the skin fairly quickly. The test has to be read between 48 – 72 hours after the injection to detect any induration.

If you’ve ever worked in a hospital, then you’re likely more familiar with the PPD test than you’d like to be. In fact, you may have even been one of the lucky ones (sarcasm) who had a false positive on their PPD test. Many do, unfortunately. That’s why it’s important to me to tell you about the TB blood test.

Introducing the TB Blood Test

If you value your time, then you’ll likely appreciate testing that is easier, less time consuming and more accurate, right? I know I sure would! That’s especially true right now, what with my work and gym schedule, the kiddo’s schedule and the hubby’s schedule. Every minute is precious! 

Say goodbye to the 110-year-old skin TB test and check out the TB blood test, which is truly a major advancement that provides a much greater amount of accuracy and a more reliable result. In other words, it provides precisely what we ALL expect from medical tests. In fact, the TB blood test is the only testing method for TB available with completely objective results. Other tests are subjective and therefore open to visual interpretation.

Save Time, Enjoy Accuracy

The TB skin test always required a follow-up visit with the doctor after 48 – 72 hours. Those believed to be infected with TB would see a raised lump develop at the injection site. Unfortunately, those that had received a previous vaccination for TB often returned with false-positive test results. They would also often experience severe itching at or around the injection site. The TB blood test only requires one visit and you can get far more accurate results from that one visit. This means more time, more ease, less stress and more certainty.

Benefits of the TB blood test include:

  • No reaction due to previous TB vaccination 
  • It’s the most accurate test for TB
  • Is accurate regardless of the patient’s age and immune status
  • Requires only 3ml of fresh blood
  • Most convenient, as it requires only 1 visit

As a former health care worker, I can only imagine how much time this will save not only patients, but the doctors and nurses that administer and follow-up on the tests. The nurse at the hospital I used to work for used to schedule the follow-ups in 15-minute increments and due to the size of the hospital, she easily filled her days with either the PPD test administration or the follow-up visits. The TB blood test would free up about half of her time!

Which would you rather have if you had an option?

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  1. It’s so important to check your health , and I think this new test sounds a lot easier and quicker than the old one.

  2. Richard Hicks says:

    Very interesting. Always best to keep up with latest health developments

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