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I have an immensely intelligent little boy. And for the record, this statement isn’t a biased mom thing. It’s the truth. He consistently stays 20 reading levels ahead of his class, he’s dynamite at math and he can tell you more about natural disasters than most adults can. Want to know one of the things I love most about him?

He LOVES to learn!

He just turned seven and he’s been wanting to get involved in a few more extracurricular activities this year. He already plays baseball and is an active cub scout. So what’s next?

Well, I wasn’t really sure.

With me going back to work outside the home next week, a whole lot is going to change around here. For one, I won’t be home to get him off the bus, make him a snack and insist that he complete his homework before he does anything else. It’s going to cut into our reading time…and our time together in general. I’m also not going to be at home during the day to take care of him during the summer. Neither of us are going to like it, but it’s something that must be done.

Of course, as is with nearly everything, there are benefits to me going back to work. My income will increase. We’ll be on more of a schedule. I’ll have “nice” clothes again and a reason to put on something other than my PJ’s or yoga pants and a t-shirt.

But what about those summer months when my kiddo is out of school? Well, after reading about Galileo Camps, that little light bulb in my head went off, telling me the answer. A fun day camp would certainly keep my little learner occupied and excited throughout the day while I’m at work, and because they offer extended care hours, I can pick him up on my way home!

But what might he learn while attending Galileo?

He’d learn about Art, Science, the outdoors, innovation, how to make marvelous mistakes and so much more! And that’s what I want for him — to be able to continue to learn even when he doesn’t have to. Not because I want to over-educate him, but because it’s something he enjoys that benefits him in one of the best ways possible.

Where Can I Find a Galileo Summer Camp?

Galileo Camps are located in the Chicagoland, Bay Area & Southern California. If you’re nearby and are thinking about signing your kiddo up, you might want to act now, as the price increases after February 29, 2016.

Yes, folks; if you register your kids for one of the Galileo day camps before 2/29/16, you can take advantage of the Early Bird Savings ($25 per week) AND a $40 discount using code: 2016BOLD !!! Don’t have the cash right now? No worries! The $40 discount will still be available after the 29th.

Early Bird Savings are available through 2/29/16 and will save you an additional $25 per week at Camp Galileo and Galileo Summer Quest or $12.50 per class ($25 off a full day) at Summer Camps @ The Tech. These savings will be applied to your camp purchase automatically during the valid period and can be combined with Galileo’s multi-session discount.

So what are you waiting for?  Guarantee your spot—and your biggest savings—by February 29th! If you’re not sure about the camp date or location, you can change them now through May 2 for absolutely no fee.



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