6 New Apps That Will Teach Your Kids A New Language For Free



Let’s be honest: we all took a language in school, but how many of us really remember it? Whether you took Latin, Spanish, French, German, or something a little more exotic, it was probably really hard for you and didn’t stick with you beyond the test.

That’s because by the time we hit high school, our brains aren’t developed to understand language. In fact, we learn languages best when we are younger because our brains are developing.

That’s why it is important to get your kids started on a language at an early age. Not only will it make learning the language easier, it will open the gateway to learning other languages. In today’s world, being bilingual helps with job prospects, personal success, and it can even open up doors that you never knew existed.

Since children don’t really want to learn beyond school, there has been a recent movement to create fun apps that will teach them while they play. These apps do a great job of educating your child and teaching them the language in a natural way.

And the best part? They’re free!


HelloTalk is one of the most promising apps on the list because it really does make learning a language seem like fun. Within the app, your child will connect with someone who is actually speaking the language so that they can learn naturally. It is great to know vocabulary words, but to know how to use a language is even more important.

The reason this app is so innovative and exciting is because of the natural way we learn the language through some of the features, including:

  • Practice in text and audio messaging
  • Have fun while learning
  • Share moments with other members to learn more
  • Translation, transliteration, grammar correct, text to voice, and voice recognition.

While there are similar apps to HelloTalk, this one stands out because it is based on a proprietary global infrastructure of over seventy data centers that were set up by communications company Agora.io. What this means is that you will get quality internet connection so there is never an uncomfortable lag or a drop in connection, no matter where your child or the language partner are in the world.

Cost: Free

Available on iTunes and Android


Lingvist claims that it only takes 200 hours to master a new language using its app. Highly efficient, it breaks down the time it takes to memorize flashcards and grammatical rules. The content is highly practical, remembering the things your child struggles with and allowing him/her to flex the muscles they already have. There is even a built in scaffolding technique that shows how your child learns best, if there is a pattern to the things he is struggling with, and what he can move away from.

But your child won’t be memorizing random words. Instead, the lessons are based in reality. Anyone using this app learns how to talk to someone, not just get the answers right on a test.

Currently the app is only available in French and English, but other languages are going to be added to the line-up as soon as they are developed and pass quality standards.

Cost: Free

Available on iTunes and Android


Busuu has been one of the top language learning apps since it was released. It uses a bit of knowledge crowdfunding to get the best possible lessons for not only speaking and grammar skills, but pronunciation and listening skills as well. They used a pool of 60 million native speakers to create the guides.

Busuu is great for children because it allows them to move at their own paces – they don’t even need internet to work on the next level. Once they’ve learned the basic skills using the software, they can then be connected to like speakers who will test their knowledge.

The learning process is a lot of fun, using puzzles and games to teach Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Russian or Turkish.

If you want to give your child a taste of everything, Busuu also has 300 words and 150 topics in each language that you need to know.

Cost: Free

Available on iTunes and Android


Memrise uses memory-enhancing techniques that will allow your child to learn up to 44 words per house while playing fun games. Even better, the game breaks down into different learning types so that your child can learn how he/she learns best.

All of the levels are created by native speaking users, so you are sure to get an authentic experience.

There is visual learning, rapid recall, strengthening, listening, and reviewing games in more than 100 languages! It is the only app that offers up not only multiple dialects of Arabic and Icelandic, it can even teach you fictional languages like Dothraki from Game of Thrones.

Cost: Free

Available on iTunes and Android


If your child learns best using flashcards, Brainscape is one route you can look into taking. Using memorization, Brainscape drills useful vocabulary words into your child’s brain. The app is intelligent, bringing back words that your child struggled with before so that he can keep practicing.

There is a lot of personalization in Brainscape as well, it allows you to customize your child’s response time if he needs a little more or a little less time.

Overall, Brainscape isn’t as high tech as some of the other apps, but it is still really effective.

Cost: Free

Available on iTunes


Children will react to competition with friends better than they will to just learning something because it will pay off in the future. Duolingo offers short lessons for 10 languages that are short enough to fit into your schedule but long enough to get the job done.

From there, your child can then take tests that will earn them points and virtual accomplishments. Your child will be able to see where she is in relation to some of her friends, making it more likely that she will pick up the app and play.

This one isn’t as interactive, but it is a great way to get short bursts of knowledge into a tight schedule.

Cost: Free

Available on iTunes and Android

Start Language Learning Early

Overall, a child has to learn a language in order to even keep up with other students who are already working ahead. If you want to give your child the best possible life, it starts with giving them the tools they need to be successful.

Now that there are apps that are willing to help you, it is easier than ever to really help your child get ahead.

Is your child learning another language right now? If not – it’s time to start!

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