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Cujo Smart FirewallProtect All of The Devices in Your Home with the CUJO Smart Firewall

My day seems to fly by in the blink of an eye. I get up, get my kiddo ready and off to school; then get myself ready and either off to work or to my home office on my off days. Either way, my day is very similar whether I’m at work or at home, because I’m always in front of a connected device. But what if that connected device were to be compromised?

That’s a question I ask myself at least daily. What if…it’s a scary thought, right? What if someone DID hack my phone? What if someone DID hack my desktop, laptop, or tablet? What would I do? What COULD I do? How would that effect my day to day life?

Well, I can tell you that I am breathing a little easier now that I’ve got CUJO on my side. No, it’s not the vicious dog Stephen King wrote about in his thriller of the same name. Instead, CUJO is a stylish little smart firewall that, like a guard dog, can help protect you and your family from online threats.

What Features Can I Expect with CUJO?

As I discussed above, CUJO is a smart firewall that’s perfect for connected homes. It’s designed to provide business-level security to the average home. Anything that connects to your WiFi router is protected by CUJO, which will then detect and block malicious sites, hacks and viruses. In addition, you can control the content your kids can access when online, as well as their ability to be online in general. It’s the peace of mind parents need with the ease of use that any busy parent will appreciate. Simply connect CUJO and monitor and control it from your smartphone app!

CUJO Smart Firewall App

Setting Up CUJO

The CUJO Smart Firewall is relatively easy to set up. In fact, the smartphone app walks you right through it! You watch a little video at first, then the app walks you through the rest. It’s a snap in most cases; however, for me, there was a bit more work involved.

You see, when I set mine up, I got a phone call from CUJO support within 2 minutes. I was informed that I would need another router since I have a modem/router combo. The representative then offered to send me a complimentary one. I have to admit, that was a nice touch that I didn’t expect at all!

Once my router arrived, finishing the set up was a breeze. Over the next few days, CUJO got to know all of the devices on my home network. Now it’s protecting my family just like I would expect one of my dogs to, but it doesn’t require food, water or potty breaks.

I’m thrilled with my experience so far and will update as I experience more of CUJO’s capabilities.

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