$200 PayPal Cash Giveaway, Sponsored By BestMark

$200 PayPal Cash Giveaway, Sponsored by BestMarkWelcome to the $200 PayPal Cash Giveaway, Sponsored by BestMark!

Could you use an extra $100? Because we’re giving away not just one, but TWO prizes of $100 PayPal cash! Yep, two lucky winners are going to be able to fatten their wallet in just two short weeks! All thanks to our sponsor, BestMark. And if you’re in the market to save or make a few extra bucks a week, you might want to learn a little more about them.

About Our Sponsor, BestMark

Ever heard of mystery shopping? BestMark is one of the pioneers of the mystery shopping industry, so you may have come across this name a time or two. In fact, they are one of the largest mystery shopping companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Mystery shopping is a great way to not only save a little money, but earn some as well! Eat dinner or lunch out? Need to take the car in for an oil change? These are just a few of the examples of “shops” that you could perform as a BestMark mystery shopper. Simply apply for and complete the shops you’re interested in. Every shop has a predetermined reimbursement and many offer a cash payment on top of your reimbursement.

Want to Learn More about BestMark?

Be sure to check out the BestMark website to learn more about the opportunities, how mystery shopping works or to apply. Keep up with the hottest new contests they’re running for their mystery shoppers and more on the BestMark blog. You can also follow them on Facebook, tweet to them when you’re on Twitter and link up with them on LinkedIn.

Ready for the Giveaway?

Two lucky readers are going to take home $100 PayPal cash each! Want a chance at it? Make sure you get your entries in!

This giveaway is sponsored by BestMark and hosted by Moms Living Thrifty. It will run from 4/29 – 5/12 at 11:59 pm EST.

Please note: Entries will be validated prior to a winner being chosen, so please do ensure that any entries you claim are completed correctly in order to be considered valid.

Good luck!

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$100 PayPal Cash Shop Your Way Giveaway, Sponsored by BestMark

$100 PayPal Cash Giveaway Sponsored by BestMark

Welcome to the $100 PayPal Cash Shop Your Way Giveaway, Sponsored by BestMark!

We could all use an extra $100 in our pockets, right? Well, our generous sponsor has given us the opportunity to offer a chance to win just that!

Use it for that bill that just came due, to make your grocery dollars stretch a little further or simply get yourself something that you wouldn’t be able to afford without it. The point? If you win, we want you to enjoy it!

About Our Sponsor, BestMark

Of course, we also want you to know a little bit about our sponsor, BestMark. If you’ve ever looked into working with a mystery shopping company, you may have come across this name a time or two, as they are one of the largest mystery shopping companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Not familiar with mystery shopping? It’s a lot of fun and a great way to save money (and possibly even earn money) for the things you do anyway. For instance, oil changes and tire rotations, eating lunch or dinner out, or making a purchase at a popular electronics shop are just some examples of “shops” that you might be eligible to perform as a mystery shopper. In most cases, you are reimbursed up to a specific amount (usually the cost of the service, meal, etc.) and in some cases you are even paid a set dollar amount on top of your reimbursement!

Would You Like to Become a Mystery Shopper?

BestMark is recruiting and you’re invited to join the team! Just fill out the mystery shopper application for immediate consideration. Once you’re approved, you can check out all of the available shops in your area and see the details and requirements for each shop.

Own a Business and Want to Learn More About the Benefits of Mystery Shopping?

If you’re a business owner and want to find out how mystery shopping can help you with your business, be sure to check out BestMark’s Services and Solutions. If you feel that mystery shopping is something your company can benefit from, you can contact BestMark directly with any questions or for a customized quote.

Want to Stay in the Know about All Things BestMark?

This company offers a lot of great information – find out about the newest contests they are running for mystery shoppers, new shops and more – on their blog, so be sure to check out the BestMark blog. You can also follow them on Facebook, tweety-te-tweet to them when you’re on Twitter and link up with them on LinkedIn.

Now for the giveaway!

One lucky reader is going to have 100 reasons to jump for joy! That’s right, $100 in PayPal cash is up for grabs! If you want a chance at it, you’d better get your entries in.

This giveaway will run from 3/14 – 3/28 at 11:59 pm EST.

Please note: Entries will be validated prior to a winner being chosen, so please do ensure that any entries you claim are completed correctly.

Good luck!

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Your Chance at $100 PayPal Cash {Giveaway!}


Ever think it might be cool to help choose a slogan for a business? Well, guess what? We’re giving you that opportunity! Yep, no joke. You, my wonderful reader, have the opportunity to help choose the slogan for one of the wonderful businesses that I’m affiliated with. Pretty cool, right? And the best part about it is that by contributing your vote, you have a chance to win some cash! Who couldn’t use an extra $100 in their PayPal account?

AdvertiseWithBloggers.com is a network of elite bloggers that works to advertise products and websites for companies. These bloggers have numerous dedicated readers who value the blog owner’s opinions and recommendations so it is the perfect way to get products and websites noticed.

Advertise With Bloggers is looking for the perfect blogger slogan that would make any blogger proud to wear across their shirt and has asked bloggers to help.

Here is a short video explaining the process -

Here are the slogans that were entered into the contest -

  1. Bloggers Sharing What We Love
  2. Blogging For Sanity
  3. Just Blog It
  4. Life’s too short, start a blog!
  5. Gotta Love It!
  6. Social Media Driven Success
  7. Ride the Fast Lane with AdvertiseWithBloggers
  8. Bloggers are the voice of the people.
  9. Bloggers Do It Right
  10. B.ringing L.ots O.f G.iveaways
  11. Just Blog About It!
  12. AdvertiseWithBloggers, you’ll love it!
  13. Blogging for Dollars
  14. Because Bloggers Do It Better
  15. AdvertiseWithBloggers: The New Mad WoMen of Social Media!
  16. The Secret Weapon to Boost Your Brand
  17. Bloggers Bringing You Business
  18. B. ecause I L. ove O. ffering G. reat Insites
  19. Peace. Love. Bloggers
  20. Bloggers get the word around
  21. Want to know? Ask a blogger!
  22. Need to know? Ask a Mom Blogger!
  23. I am so blogging about you!
  24. Awesomesause
  25. Bloggers WILL argue with a post!
  26. “Will Blog For Coffee”
  27. Advise to optimize
  28. Will blog for food, fashion and anything else.
  29. Blog till you drop
  30. Spying deals for you



Now for the fun part – one of our wonderful readers will WIN $100.00 via PayPal!

This giveaway:

- will run from 2/19 – 3/05
- is opened worldwide

Winner will be chosen via Random.org and will be notified via email.

Entering is super-easy, just choose your FAVORITE SLOGAN above – one that BEST represents blogging and put that slogan NUMBER in the entry form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure – This giveaway was brought to you by AdvertiseWithBloggers.com. Moms Living Thrifty is not responsible for delivering the prize, we are just helping to promote this amazing giveaway.
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Holiday Cash Giveaway!

The Pitch List

is proud to Host the

Holiday Cash Giveaway! [Read more...]

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Your Chance to Take Home $700 Cash from Shopilly!

Smokin’ Hot $700 Shopilly Holiday Cash Giveaway

Shopilly makes shopping a pleasure.

Welcome to the Smokin’ Hot $700 Shopilly Giveaway hosted by Like a Bump on a Blog, with considerable help from the lovely Lexie Lane at VoiceBoks and Bridget at Giveaway Promote. Enjoy the post provided by our generous sponsor, Shopilly, to learn more about them, and then enter via our Rafflecopter entry at the end. [Read more...]

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Could You Use $250 Cash? Here’s Your Chance!

$250 Cash Giveaway

Tip Hero is giving away $250 in cash to one lucky reader! Will it be you? You won’t know if you don’t enter!

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$150 PayPal Cash Giveaway – Ends 10/16

The ‘Pitch List’ Bloggers 
would like to 
Jump Start 
Holiday Buying Season 
by giving 
One Lucky Winner 
$150 PayPal Cash!

Yes, we are GIVING AWAY $150!

Would that put a nice dent in your holiday shopping? We sure hope so!

Plus, you can catch all of the early sales, too!

We know you want to win $150, but be sure your entries are valid!

Starts Oct. 2nd at 12:01am est 
Ends on Oct. 16th at 11:59pm est

Easy Entries on the Rafflecopter below!

Good luck!

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$100 Twitter Blast – #100ReasonsToTweet #Giveaway!!!

Who could use some quick CASH?

Continuing Madame Deal’s 3rd Blog Birthday celebration, we’re giving you 100 Reasons to Tweet!!

That’s right, you can enter to WIN $100 PayPal CASH!

**Powered by Madame Deals and Slop Swap**

Thank you to our Hosts for helping out with this great event:

Go Momma Coupons, Giveaway Bandit, Raking in the Savings, Healthy Life Deals and Celebrate Woman Today

To Enter, all you need to do is follow my friends and I on Twitter. The more you follow the more entries you’ll get!

We’ve made it pretty easy for you to enter so get to it! You can do them all at once or some each day!

Giveaway will run from April 21st 12:01 am EST – April 30th 11:59 pm EST.

Wait for the rafflecopter to load and enter below!

Good luck!!

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Monday #FlashGiveaway – $25 PayPal Cash

Monday, Monday Monday!

Anyone having trouble getting started today? Or wish it was still the weekend?
Here’s a little something to make your Monday a little brighter!

How about a 24 Flash Giveaway??!

Enter to WIN $25 PayPal Cash!

Entry is quick and easy with just a few tasks.

With April being Autism awareness month, one of the entries on the Rafflecotper is to read and comment on this post, Share With Autism United.

Giveaway will run for 24 hours on Monday, 4/16.

Just wait for the Rafflecopter to load and enter below:

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Rainy Day Facebook Frenzy #Giveaway! $200 PayPal Cash!!!

This April, we’re showering our readers with giveaways!

Mid April marks the end of the tax season. Who couldn’t use a few extra bucks during tax season?

Well, this giveaway is going to give you the chance to win just that…a couple of bucks…times 100! Yes, you can win $200 in PayPal cash! Pretty darn cool, right?

Use it to catch up on bills, buy yourself something nice or just put it away for a “Rainy Day”…whatever your little heart desires. But you have to win it first!

The good news?

You have literally HUNDREDS of chances to win $200 Paypal cash from CouponTrade.com and The Ultimate Baby Shower!

All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter form below – it’s super-easy!




CouponTrade.com is the newest and the hottest way to save because now, you can combine coupon savings with discounted gift cards for the same stores, plus sell all those unused gift cards and redeem whats yours, all in one place!!!


The Ultimate Baby Shower will offer MONTHLY diaper and Formula giveaways, as well as a seasonal NURSERY giveaway! That’s right- you can win the entire nursery, furniture, bedding, and all the baby gear you could need!


Entry is so simple, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below! [Read more...]

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