Baby Formula is Expensive, but You Can Get Some Free!

Hey New Parents – this one is for you!

Free baby formula samples!

If you’ve just recently become a mom or dad, then you probably realize how expensive formula is. With that in mind, we’ve found several manufacturers that are happy to give new parents completely free samples of baby formula.  The best part is that  you can choose which kinds you want – most offer the regular and the gentle formulas. (When I began supplementing with formula, I found out real quick that my son needed the gentle formula – the regular seemed to cause tremendous gas build up in his little belly – so it’s definitely nice to have the choice!)

Here are the links to take advantage of these free samples of baby formula:

Member’s Mark Baby Formula Sample

Parent’s Choice Gentle Baby Formula Sample

Parent’s Choice Premium Baby Formula Sample

Parent’s Choice Advantage Baby Formula Sample

Enfamil Baby Formula Samples – Enfamil will also send you some really great coupons with your free samples!

Similac Baby Formula Samples - You don’t just get free samples of formula –  Similac also sends coupons, an organizer, a travel bag, a pregnancy journal and some freebies from Shutterfly!

Gerber Generation Backpack with Free Samples of Nestle Good Start Infant Formula and Other Goodies!

Here’s one that you can get by phone:

Nature’s One is the only Organic baby formula currently available. This formula is a dairy formula that is iron fortified and provides baby’s most essential vitamins and minerals, in addition to the protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty-acids  that your baby needs to support healthy growth and development. Nature’s One does not provide a link to a sample; however, you can obtain a sample of Nature’s One Only Organic Toddler or Nature’s One Baby’s Only formula by phone. The sample you will receive will be enough for a single 8-ounce bottle. To receive your sample, you can call (614) 898-9758, select option #3 (listen for the prompts to complete your free sample request). USA only – one sample per household.

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